Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print

Very cute Valentine cards to print. Print free cards with Baby Animals. Lots of unique and stylish free printable Valentine cards to choose. Plus, gift tags, and stationary paper with matching envelopes.

That's not all, you can even learn professional card scoring, and folding tricks and techniques, using just three everyday household items.

On this page you can choose between a dozen of free printable greeting cards. You might want to take a look at my custom Diy Gifts Studio illustration Valentine cards. There's a bunch of them available for you for free now.

Print Free Cards For Valentine's Day

Take your best pick between the cutest puppies, kittens, roses, or teddies...

You'll also find a couple of sets of adorable petite tags. These make wonderful stickers, gift tags, tiny love note cards. Plus, you'll also find two stationery card sets with foldable envelopes included.

I know it's not just me who adores these cute puppies and kittens. I'm so grateful to Nguyen Hoangnam for sharing these beautiful photos which inspired the cards. These photos have Valentine's Day and LOVE written all over them:)

Valentine Cards To Print diy
Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 1

You are so precious

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Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 2

Happy Valentine's

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 3

I love you beary much

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 4

I love you

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Sweet Valentine Cards To Print

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 5

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 6

Will You Be Mine?

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Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 7

Hugging Teddy

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 8

Heart as Rose

Valentine Card and Envelope Set

Here are two sets of Sweet Valentine Cards To Print. Petite Valentine cards for you with matching envelopes.

Card measures about 4" x 3,5" (10,5 x 9cm.) and fits perfectly into the light pink envelope.

The envelope is easy to fold. I suggest printing on card stock.

Then score and fold the envelope for beautiful result. Read below about professional scoring and folding techniques. You only need a ruler and a spoon:)

You'll also need scissors for trimming and a bit of glue (glue stick) for sealing the envelope.

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print -card and matching envelope

"If you need a complete set to go!" 

To get yours, just open the file, Save to your computer, and then Print.

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 9

Kitty and Parrot

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Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 10

Heart Note

Baby Animal Gift Tags

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 10

Just adorable cute tags with baby animals. These make so precious gift tags for children, your Sweetheart, your Mother, and friends...

Oh, these are fabulous as stickers. Just print them out on an adhesive paper sheet.

But not just gift tags, could be for love notes as well. Imagine leaving sweet handwritten notes to someone special written on cards as cuddly as these ones? (pdf fail opens in a new window)

Open the file, save to your computer. Then print on A4 card stock.

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print 11

Precious Baby Animal Tags

You need free Adobe reader installed in your computer.

You can use scissors, paper trimmer, or guilliotine for trimming the tags. The tags lay close to each other, the outlines are pretty faint. Take care when cutting. But it's good, as the lines will not be visible on the tags later.

Ever So Sweet Valentine Cards To Print - gift tags

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How To Do Printable Valentine Cards

All these Valentine cards to print are in jpg format.The gift tags are in pdf format.

Download by clicking on the card or via the link below the card.

For the gift tags, you need free Adobe reader installed in your computer. No worries, as most computers do come with this by default, if not it's free to get.

P.S. *A Trick for downloading! If it seems to take too long to open your pdf card, close the window. Then click on the link again. Like so, it should open so much faster:) Good luck!


If you should ever need any assistance with downloading or anything else else regarding making these cards, please contact me.

What Paper To Use

I advise you to print onto card stock. Or heavier photo paper. The Valentine cards to print will look too flimsy on regular copy paper.

So, for the most beautiful results: get card stock (minimum of 80 lb or 216 g/m2).

And your card will look, and fold gorgeous.

*Most regular printers have no difficulty printing on card stock as light as that. So, your printing job should go smooth:)

Read on to learn about the paper size...

How To Print

Paper Size

All these Valentine cards to print are large enough that they could to be printed on A4, if wished. Yet, the most traditional greeting card size might look the best.

The easiest and the best way to go about it is to have a right sized card stock sheet. You put it into the printer and then choose the right settings:

Paper size: A5, fit image on page.

**As you notice, you then need to trim the sides of the cards! So, the cards come smaller than regular A5.

As I said, you can print any size you wish, though.

NB! So, you can buy blank greeting cards. Or trim an ordinary white sheet of card stock to the right size. A5 is half A4, for example.

...and A6 is when you fold A5 into the greeting card:)

Score and Fold

The right folding technique is crucial if you want to get a perfect greeting card.

For getting the smoothest, prettiest fold, you need to score first. And I'll show you how you can easily do it the right way. I'll teach you to do it even without professional scoring tools. You already have everything at home. So, 1- 2 -3 here we go...

You need:

* a pencil

* a ruler

* a spoon

Right Card Scoring Technique

  1. Take your printed card and lay it flat, face down on clean surface.
  2. Mark two guiding dots (with pencil) for the fold inside of the card. Use ruler to find the center.
  3. Take a ruler and align with the dots where the fold will be.
  4. Now lift the back side of the card and slip your spoon head under it.
  5. Then score the card with lightly pressing the curvy side of the spoon against the card.

At the same time you lift the back side of the card up.

In the end, it needs to make a 90 degree angle against the ruler.

You score three times. First a bit, then 45 degrees, then 90 degrees. And scoring done:)

diy card scoring and folding tricks

The Right Card Folding Secret

Fold the two sides of the card together. Press for the crease from center outward. Center down, then to left, then right. Then once all over, and you are done.

Congratulations, you've just folded a perfect card. Smooth and pretty, just the perfect fold!

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