Tulle Wedding Decorations - Pom-poms

I'm excited to share these tulle wedding decorations. Decorating with tulle is such a fabulous idea. Tulle decorations are great to string into garlands or hang up as individual pom-poms. Lovely to add on your gifts.

Tulle Wedding Decorations1

You can easily make them yourself.

Tulle Wedding Decorations1

Laurie Cinotto launched these beautiful photos just a while back. Might we add diy gift studio shares her love for tulle. Maybe you've noticed?

There's even more to all this. Think about your romantic endeavor... Imagine putting up some red tulle pom-poms for Valentine's Day or any romantic event.

To Make Tulle Pom-Poms You Need:

* tulle strips

* a CD case or a piece of cardboard paper that you can use for wrapping the tulle around it

* scissors

* strong thread

* embellishments, if wished (like rhinestone stickers you can see added in the photo below)


Tulle Wedding Decorations

1. wrap the tulle strip around something that's the size of the pom-poms you want to get. For example, a CD case.

2. pull the wraps off the the CD case.

3. tie them with a string from the center.

4. cut the ends open.

5. open up the tulle.

6. and then your puffy beauties are ready.

7. add embellishments

8.-9. hung them up with some invisible thread or string into garlands.

Tulle's whimsical beauty is absolutely stunning, isn't it? Enjoy!

How To Make Garland Tulle Decorations Of Individual Pom-poms

There are two options for making a garland out of individual pom-poms.

First, when you are still making a pom-pom and you've just wrapped your tulle around your CD case (or what ever "template" you are using) and you are ready to tie it from the center (step number three in photo instructions above), then you tie the string for the garland around the pom-pom as well. So, you start making your garland by tying the garland string by individual pom-poms' centers before you've cut them open.

Second. If you've already prepared your pom-poms, then you can attach them into a garland using the needle and thread technique. So, just by hand stitching one pom-pom after another onto a string.

Tip: if you don't attach the pom-poms too close to each other, you'll end up with a longer garland for your tulle wedding decorations.

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