Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments To Make From Plain Pasta

Elegant Diy Christmas Ornaments

How about simple homemade Christmas ornaments to make this year? That are nothing less than highly stylish, budget friendly, and festive.

Well, what do you think of my diy handmade Christmas ornaments I made from plain pasta?

I'll share right away how I made these pasta stars, angels, and snowflakes - handmade Christmas ornaments that always are an absolute hit, every year!

simple homemade Christmas ornament to make from plain 1
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Can you believe that I made these adorable homemade Christmas tree decorations using ordinary pasta?

Don't you just love these pasta Angles? Such a pleasure to create and ever so adorable to hang! Make many! A set of pasta Christmas Angles is a must.

So, read on to learn how to make yours...

simple homemade Christmas ornament to make from plain 2
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How to Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments from Pasta

So, you've decided to make these simple yet tasteful, and of course doable tree ornaments.

You need:

√ pasta

√ hot glue gun

√ sparay paint

√ ribbon

√ you might also need a knife and a pair scissors

simple homemade Christmas ornament to make from plain 3

As everything brilliant is simple, so is the making of these beauties. All you need to do is to get your pasta out, heat up your glue gun and create away! Choose your pasta and glue them together the way you please. Look my creations in the photos here for inspiration!

simple homemade Christmas ornament to make from plain 4

Show & Tell

By the way, when you'll come up with a great pasta ornament design, I'd love to hear about it!

Tell me all about it in a comment section below...

Can't make any for this year?! Well, Pin! a link to this page on your Pinterest wall, so you'll be all ready for next Christmas!

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NB! As this is a project involving the use of a hot glue gun, it is NOT suggested for children, unless supervised!

Tip 1: Your glue needs to be appropriately hot (not lukewarm) for a lasting bond!

Tip 2: For painting the ornaments even the simplest Christmas spray paint (usually sold next to spray snow and stuff) works! That's by the way exactly what I used!

The red snowflake is covered with acrylic paint and some glitter.

Tip 3: Attach the ribbon for hanging after spray work. If you want to do it before, cover it to avoid getting paint all over it.

simple homemade Christmas ornament to make from plain 5

Remark about the care of these simple homemade Christmas ornaments: I found the pasta angles and stars to be the sturdiest, nicely resistant. Mine have stayed intact for several years now. Whereas the snowflakes are more fragile.

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