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Don't miss an absolutely unique idea for creating romantic meaningful gifts. Have you heard of a Top Ten Dating Events Book? Learn how to make yours! These are brilliant and cheap romantic gift ideas.

Our Top Ten Dating Events

May I present an utterly sweet, personal and a very special book discovered in our treasure chest? Oh yes, I made it a while back to my boyfriend (now husband). I'm sharing it with you in a hope of inspiring you to achieve an over the moon feel with your next lovely romantic gifts for him or her.

Romantic Meaningful Gifts

If you have been dating a while, or your history together stretches far back, no difference. Having something like chronicles about your fun moments and events, is so precious. Of course, it's personal and holds the truth from the writer's perspective. But that's exactly, why it's so much fun and ever so special.

Your Top Ten Dating Events is where you write about the coolest, funniest, most special, memorable... anything you please, dates! First you brainstorm your romantic memories and then you write them into a mini-book.

You Need:

* A computer

* Printer, color printer, if you'll be using images

* Digital photos

* Later, you should get your mini-book bound or you can bind it yourself at home.

For this one of my romantic meaningful gifts I used A5 sized beige paper and some digital photos that I printed on the same card-stock. I assembled the pages and took my mini-book to a binding shop and had it bound.

Romantic Meaningful Gifts2

I must say that the most entertaining and enjoyable part about completing this project was compiling the list of the events and rating them into a top ten. So, what you need to do is, after you've decided upon which of your memories to retell, write a short, upbeat and funny description about them. Remember, this hierarchy will be a Top Ten by you, of course, it's subjective! But that's the fun!

What Pages You Could Include

Consider pages like:

* Dedication page. To you, My Dear...

* Introduction. There you could explain your motives for creating this romantic memory mini-book. For example: This little memory book is about our Top Ten dating events. The memories were listed from my point of view. The criterion for choosing and rating them was how 'fun and special' they seemed to be. Of course, the Top Ten is subjective...

The Top Ten covers a time period... moments...

* Consider adding a content page. Fit it in the beginning or in the end of your mini-book.

* Add fun images, photos, graphics! Don't worry, if you don't have a photo of the exact event you are describing, add some other ones that you happen to have. The images are there just to spice the book up a bit.

I made this mini-book to my Hun years ago when we were still dating. And since then he says that Our Top Ten Dating Events is his absolute favorite and the coolest gift I've made for him.

Romantic Meaningful Gifts3

Top Ten Dating Events has all the ingredients to be the coolest among all the romantic meaningful gifts. These kind of mini-books are great girlfriend and boyfriend gift ideas. Be encouraged to catch your memories! Some years from now, your Hun and you will be very happy thinking back and laughing while peeping into your Top Ten.

Have you made anything like that before? What do you think? I'd love you to pop by below and tell me!

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