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Romantic Gifts For Guys

Yippee it's romantic gifts for guys time. Before you jet off to meet him, make sure you're prepared!

Attract his attention with romantic meaningful gifts. Yes, using a genial idea, you'll go a long way. How about a Romantic Video? Homemade gift ideas romantic... oh yes, find below an idea so romantic. It's great, when you need an inexpensive romantic gift.

I LOVE this Romantic Video idea. You'll be inspired by it too, especially if you appreciate photos and videos. This has to be one of the most spectacular of the homemade romantic gift ideas I have seen in awhile and you could make it. A beyond super duper possibility to surprise and please your guy. Men are really visual beings.

Romantic Gifts For Guys

Photo courtesies go to Bellafaye and Ceasedesist.

Romantic Video. We Love This.

Things You'll Need:

√ A camcorder.

√ Some digital pictures and/or old recorded video material.

√ A song or two.

√ A computer program for montage.

√ A DVD to record your video on.

How You Go About Making It

√ Record yourself telling a romantic story, reading a love poem to your loved one.

√ Then add some old meaningful photos to the recording.

√ Add your loved one's favorite song, or 'Our Song'.

√ If you have some older footage, like from your holidays, trips, parties or pets and so on, add some of it as well.

√ Mix a nice romantic video show. Try to limit it to maximum 10-15 minutes. Otherwise it will be too long to watch.

Actually, there's also an "easier" way out. I've tested it myself. If you're really pressed with time, try making a slideshow.

Really, you don't need any elaborate programs to make great romantic video surprises. And your guy is sure to absolutely love it. This project is a cheap romantic gift idea. Sure, it can be a bit time consuming, but the result is sure to wow both of you now and in the future. It makes a super duper cute keepsake.

Here's an example of an incredibly sweet and romantic homemade video. Chad shared this with us and we absolutely love it. So, I just must share it with you. So, it's a movie HE made to his girlfriend. It's not exactly from romantic gifts for guys category, but it's so inspiring.

Chad took Vy, his girlfriend to the movie theater where they had their first date. There he proposed her using a song he wrote accompanied by an incredibly sweet and hilarious music video. He organized the video to be played as the trailer before the movie. How cool was that?

So, for inspirational purposes I highly suggest you watch this. You will LOVE IT!

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Romantic Gifts For Guys

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