Not Just Making Hair Bows for Girls, But Professional Twisted Boutique Bows!

Learn to make a template for making hair bows for girls. Are you looking for true and free instructions for making hair bows like pros? Well, here they are!

I really mean it! You don't need to buy a template making hair bows for girls, you can easily make your own. I've free hair bow instructions for you. So, you can make boutique hair bows like pros at now time and without any extra cost.

Yes, the professional boutique bow makers use a template for making hair bows. Look below my photo tutorial and explanation. I've also found a nice illustrative video with free hair bow instructions for you.

Making Hair Bows for Girls1

How to Make Hair Bows Like Professionals

It’s a fun project though, and whomever receives these will love the thought you put into making them! So, have you already checked the super whimsical Free-Hand Stacked Hair Bow instructions? Those are a snap to prepare.

Making Hair Bows for Girls2

Now, for the Twisted Boutique Bow you'll need a template. You don't need to spend a dime, make your top notch bow template yourself out of cardboard. It's very simple to do. Just take a piece of cardboard, cut it as wide as you want your bow to be (my template is 4,5 in/ 11,4 cm. wide). Then cut a small gap right into the middle. You'll use it for sewing the bow. That's it. Real' simple.

For Making Hair Bows for Girls You Need:

* Cardboard for template

* ribbon

* scissors, needle with a thread (with a knot ready to go) and a pin.

* clips

* hot glue gun and a heat sealer (for sealing the ends of the ribbon), a lighter will do perfectly:)

I made a 4,5 in. /11,4 cm. wide template out of a cardboard.

I cut 7/8 in. /2,22 cm. wide ribbon into a 22 in./56 cm. long piece. Cut the ends in an angle and heat sealed.

Making Hair Bows for Girls3

Start like so. Secure one end of the ribbon to the template with an alligator clip. About 0,5 in./1 cm. from the edge.

Wrap the ribbon around and around the template.

Make sure both of the ribbon ends have equal distance from the template edges. Adjust if necessary.

Put the pin through the center of the ribbon. Move your clips and slide the ribbon off the template.

Then you're going to start pulling out the top loop to the right. Then inner loop and the tail are going to go to the left. When you do that it will start to pull the bottom ribbons apart. So that loop will come out to the left and the top loop and the tail are going to go out to the right.

instructions for making hair bows

Do that and an wide X will form.

NB! Take care to keep the ribbon on the back straight, otherwise it will mess up your bow.

Then take your needle and starting at the top insert it from the back. Stitch once, second time right under the pin and once more towards the bottom. Like so your needle will go through three times. Squeeze your bow together, two peaks make a nice crease. Pull the thread tight, wrap around the bow a few times and secure off.

Making Hair Bows for Girls

Now, your twisted boutique bow is almost ready.

Add the center and a clip. I made a 7/8 in. /2,22 cm. knotted center.

I added an alligator clip.

Here's a video I've found for you. It's bit long - 8 minutes, but it's really clear.

You can easily follow it when making hair bows for girls.

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