How To Make Bows For Gifts

You'd like to know how to make bows for gifts, as facinators for Christmas trees or other decorative purposes.

Do you like it big? Learn how to make a bow like a pro. Simply! On this page you'll find out how to tie a bow - a magnificent one! three simple steps.

The following bow making instructions work great for plastic ribbon bows.

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Making Bows from Ribbon

How To Make a Puffy Bow

You can use wired ribbon as well. That is harder to cut. The simplest, cheapest, easiest ribbon to use for the Puffy Bow is plastic ribbon.

The Puffy Bow makes a dazzling gift wrap bow or a beautiful finishing touch to a corsage. It is made by wrapping ribbon around your fingers. Then you get loops that are uniform in size. Start with minimum of five "wraps". I prefer six to twelve wraps. More the fuller.

To make a larger bow, spread your fingers. Depending of the ribbon you use, you might want to make it fuller, add more loops.

To Make a Puffy Bow You Need:

√ ribbon for the bow (plastic ribbon is great! You'll be cutting into it later, and it doesn't feel right to cut into a silk or organza ribbon)

√ narrow coordinating ribbon or wire to secure the bow

√ scissors

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Start with making the ribbon wraps.

6 - 12 wraps.

Then fold the loops in half and cut the "V" sign into both sides like shown in the photo.

Take care not to cut all the way through the center.

Tie the bow with a coordinating narrow ribbon in the center. You can also use a fine wire to hold the center.

Then start to open your puffy up by separating the loops one by one to the right and left from the inside out. Twist each loop towards you as you pull it from the center. Get one side at a time.

For the final touch trim the short ends at an angle or in tails. Curl the narrow ribbon with scissors or use it for attaching the bow to your gift.

That's how to make bows that look fabulous!

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