How to Make a Tutu

First Class Gorgeous
No-Sew Tutu Tutorial

How to make a tutu? I have a ballerina-princess photo prop baby tutu alert! Sure, there are some other especially scrumptious homemade baby gift ideas on this website for you to indulge in. Nevertheless,

...birthday tutu skirts are one of the fairest ones!

Imagine fun, fluffy and of course so easy to make baby shower gift for girl. A tiny no-sew girl tutu around a baby's waist is a great photo prop. (In that case you need to make sure, you use the softest tulle, though!)

Sounds good, doesn't it?

It gets even better, because a colorful tulle tutu makes a dream gift not just for baby girls, but toddlers and school girls as well. Even petit dog tutus are quite fancy. Those are easier to sew, though.

"Every girly girl likes to twirl around wearing one
while graciously posing for a fancy shoot!"

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -
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Doesn't my baby girl look such a cutie in hers?

How To Make Baby Gifts

...The No-Sew Tutu?

The most important thing is the right attitude! The second thing is to enjoy and, third: follow the directions on how to make a tutu below!

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -

...ballet, of course!

How To Make Birthday Tutu Skirts

...or any girl tutu, like fairy tutus, or tutu skirts for princesses.

You need:

  • Soft tulle. A 6 inch width spool works great. Superb tutus require 50-100 yards of it.

  • A satin ribbon or a rubber waistband, or both.

  • If desired, flowers or ribbons for decoration.

As a detailed example on how to make a tutu, then the pink tiny tutu skirt in the picture required 44 yards (40m.) of tulle strips.

One strip was 16 inches (41cm.) long, and I put five strips for one knot.

I tied 20 knots.

I'd say that was the minimum amount of tulle to use for making this tiny tutu skirt. I used three matching tones of tulle.

So, as a TIP I'd say: for a tiny baby tutu skirt you need at least two 25yd. rolls of tulle.

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -
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I love to combine different shades and colors of tulle for one tutu. I achieve a blended natural look by doing so.


Start with deciding how long tutu you'd like to make. I've typed in a reference table for you. It's very useful when you can't take the measurements. Especially, when you want the princess ballerina baby tutu skirts to be a surprise.

Consult the table below, it's quite foolproof. Know how to make a tutu as professionals do.

Still a bit worried? If you want to be super sure that the tutu fits, then use an elastic waist band with an inch or two of extra length. It's easy to regulate.

Size Waist Length
Newborn - 12 months 15" - 17" // 38-43cm. 7" // 18cm.
12 months - 2 years 18" // 46cm. 8" // 20cm.
2 years - 4 years 19" // 48cm. 10" // 25cm.
4 toddler 20" // 51cm. 11" // 28cm.
5 years 21" // 53cm. 12" // 30,5cm.
6 years 22" // 56cm. 13" // 33cm.
Adult Custom Custom

Decide the length of your tulle strips. Choose the length for your finished tutu and double it. For example, for a 18" long tutu cut 36" long tulle strips.

Next, decide if you are going to use an elastic waist band or a satin ribbon. In case of a ribbon, leave some extra length to tie a bow later.

I used an elastic waist band for this particular tutu. (The purple tutu in the bottom of the page was knotted on a satin ribbon.)

The easiest way to knot the tulle strips on is to do it on a chair back like so.

Then knot them on like I show in the photo tutorial.

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -

Make it nice and puffy! Put at least three, better five tulle strips for one knot.

Hold them from the center and knot them on like so.

Make sure that all your knots face the same direction.

Cover all the elastic band with tulle strip knots.

Try Different Looks

You can have the ends of the strips as straight cut, or cut at an angle or rounded for different looks.

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -

Knowing how to make a tutu does come in handy. It sure makes a classy and brilliantly fun handmade gift. I also designed and sewed these photo prop ballet slips and easily assembled this headband with the flower.

I do hope I managed to share my passion and knowledge on how to make a tutu, and that you'll enjoy making these beautiful homemade gifts for your precious ones or for friends!

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -

First Baby Tutu Skirts

I'm confident that your princess ballerina, or funky-puffy fairy tutus become breathtaking gifts, to say the least. If you follow my time tested instructions on how to make a tutu. I'd love to hear back from you! You're very welcome to comment below!

Do you want to see my first no-sew tutu? Here it is...

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -
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This purple one was the first ever no sew tutu I made.

NEW! One Can Also Sew A Birthday Tutu Skirt

The no sew tutu is superb, fuzz free and fast! For those who're not afraid of a sewing machine, sewing one birthday tutu skirt could be a sweet project to make.

Here's one whimsical light blue and ivory tulle tutu skirt I made for a birthday girl. Peek for more photos and description of how to make a tutu like this over at How To Make A Tutu Skirt Using A Sewing Machine page.

How To Make A Tutu Skirt With Sewing Machine, how to sew a tutu -

Make Sure You Pin This Tutorial For Future Reference

How To Make A Tutu Tutorial -
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How To Make A Tutu Dress - Video instructions

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You Asked

How wide are the strips you use?

I find using 6 inches wide tulle spool great and comfortable. You can also cut your strips from tulle fabric, then make them about 6 inches wide as well.

Is there an online store to buy the elastic waist band? Is there a type of ribbon that is good to make it?

Satin ribbon is the best. And have you tried for the elastic?

Do you stretch out the elastic while you tie the strips?

I don't stretch the elastic particularly, only a bit. As I want the elastic waistband to be nicely covered with knots later when the tutu is worn.

How much would you say this costed... I was thinking about making some adult size ones for a breast cancer event?

Well, for the adult no sew tutu you need 100 yards of tulle in minimum. Of course, the amount depends on the length and fluffiness of the tutu skirt. Thus the price of the finished product depends on how much you pay for the tulle spools (or bolts). Google for prices. So, what you could do is make one as a prototype. Then you'll know the amount of tulle you'd like to use for one tutu and you can easily calculate the final cost.

The tutu turned out about 3-4 inches too big at the waist. What have I done wrong?

Occasionally the tutu can come out too big at the waist because the elastic is very stretchy, and it stretches out too much during the tulle strip knot adding process. The best way to fix it is to remove some tulle strip knots until the tutu is the right size.

I made the back fluffier than the front. If I took it all off the elastic and switched it to a ribbon would I still be able to make it fluffier in the back?

Certainly. The ribbon waistband offers more control over the fitting waist size and keeping your fluff in the right place. You can never stretch out a ribbon waist band with adding too many knots.

And if you ever should want to adjust the waist of a ribbon-waist tutu, then just add (or remove) some tulle knots on the ribbon. Just make sure you leave long enough ribbon tales from the beginning.

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