How to Make a Scarf
Incredible Haute Couture + ECO Style!

How to make a scarf? We are excited to share this absolutely adorable free scarf pattern with you. Couldn't ever imagine that old bed sheets and high fashion have something in common? Well, they do! As the matter of fact, an old worn out sheet that's nice and soft can be used for making an Haute Couture scarf.

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We are incredibly happy to feature this next idea shared with us by It has all the glitz and the glam for fabolous one of a kind homemade gifts to make. Just imagine this stunner below as your unique gift idea Mother Day... We'll bet, she'll love it. We took care of the trouble having the tutorial translated for you.

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To make this Haute Couture Scarf Alike You Need:

√ oldy-softy natural fiber (cotton or linen) sheet

√ a pack of tea

√ some vinegar

√ some wool fibers or polyester fiber filling

√ strong thread, needle

√ water

√ bowl

√ scissors

How to make a scarf? Start with choosing a good soft sheet, so it would make a nice scarf. Tear two full length strips from both of the sides. One strip about 18-20 inches (45-50cm.) and the other narrower, about 14-16 inches (35-40cm.). The example strips in the photo were 18 and 14 inches (46 and 36 cm.).

If you'd like to hem the sides, then do it now. The example scarf wasn't hemmed.

First, dye the fabric with tea. Prepare a pot of strong tea. Let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Crimp the sheets together and put them in the bowl. Pour your hot tea over them. (Use a strainer to catch the leaves, powder.) Get the sheets totally immersed in tea. If it's necessary, add more boiling water.

Leave your fabric dyeing for 30-60 minutes. Consider that after rinsing, the result of the dye will be much lighter.

If you'd like the fabric to get an homogenous dye then make it wet before immersing into tea, and don't wrink it. Make sure all of it is equally covered by tea.

In the end add some white vinegar and let it fuse for another 15 minutes. Rinse the fabric and wring.

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Free Scarf Pattern1

Second step in this How to make a scarf? tutorial is all about crimping with vinegar. Pour some water into a small bowl. Add couple of spoonfuls of vinegar. Leave your fabric soaking in the solution for couple of minutes.

Then wring them out and lay evenly on the table.

Fold the strips in half length wise and start crimping them.

Free Scarf Pattern2

The vinegar reenforces the wrinkles and makes them long-lasting even after washing the scarf.

Twist! Like shown in the photo. Tie the sausages with a thread so it won't unravel during drying. Put it to dry in a warm place.

It takes a day or two for the fabric to dry. After which you can unravel it and admire the beautiful wrinkles. If you like you can finish your How to make a scarf? project with that. Yet, we so suggest you to go on with the third step.

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Adorning the Scarf

Lay the narrower strip on top of the wider one. Take a needle with a strong thread. Sew a circle with a diameter of an inch and half (4 cm.). Position it 5 inches (10 cm.) from the scarf's edge and 2 inches (5cm.) from the lengthwise central line.

No need to knot the thread. Leave a tale of thread in the beginning, so you can comfortably pull your circle tight later.

Then take some wool or polyester fiber fill and roll it up into a 1/5 inch (2cm.) ball. Insert it into the circle and pull the thread tight. Make 5-6 knots and cut off the excess.

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Create these cute small balls all over the scarf after every 5,6 inches (10-12cm.). Once on left side from the central line, then on the right. As the result you'll have both of the layers connected.

The scarf in the photo has 40 little lumps.

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