Homemade Gag Gift Ideas

Our best picks of Homemade Gag Gift Ideas that you can use for any occasion.They are very useable as little birthday jokes, like 40th, 50th or 60th birthday gag gifts. Plus, there are ideas for gag gifts Christmas... You'll find more of our homemade Christmas gag gifts with freely printable tags.

Homemade Gag Gift Ideas

Maxi Pad Slippers Photo courtesy goes to House of Sims.

Welcome to the web’s coolest collection of all purpose homemade gag gifts! Finally, no need to be a bore! If your fingers are already itching for some humor crafts for using following homemade gag gift ideas, then put your safety goggles and an apron on and get to creating some small surprises from 'laughter-guaranteed!' category...

Bellybutton Blow Dryer

Belly Button Blow Dryer is great for the Person who Has Everything. Take an ordinary flexible drinking straw and attach a card that says:

Instructions: Take deep breath. Place one end of dryer in mouth. Bend over. Place other end of dryer near belly button. Blow. Repeat if necessary.

CAUTION: Do NOT inhale when dryer is near belly button.

Bellybutton Brush

You need: any color pipe cleaner, long bead, cardboard stock printing paper, and small piece of wood (optional). Cut pipe cleaner in three parts (thus, you can make 3 Bellybutton Brushes out of one pipe cleaner). Then, take one end of the pipe cleaner and push it down into bead. Roll remaining pipe cleaner into a circle. (The bead and pipe cleaner now look like a small toilet brush.)

Again, you can use a label, if wished that says: "For the person who has Almost Everything!"

Bellybutton Duster

Take a sparkly pipe cleaner, cut in half, glue a cotton ball on one end and a small bunch of flowers with bow on the other end. 

You might want to consider these bellybutton homemade gag gift ideas when making 50 birthday gag gifts. They are just "annoying" enough for people who think they are getting too old already, but actually are not.

Guaranteed Bug Killer

You need two small blocks of wood. Label one Block "A" and the other Block "B". Add instructions that read: Place bug on Block "A" and smash with Block "B".

Make Your Own Furniture

Take a box and label it "Unfinished" Furniture, add a couple of pictures of some furniture, a small branch, leaves and anything alike. Then write "Directions", that you've come up with.

Singing in the Shower

You need a bath sponge. Cut it into the shape of a microphone. It's great for that (annoying) family member who always sings in the shower. 

Flat Cat

This one of our homemade gag gift ideas makes a great present for a cat lover, who for some reason hasn't been able to take one. Find a cute photo of a cat, glue it on a cardboard. Include a description of the Flat Cat:

The best part about a Flat Cat is that he is just like a real cat, except there's no stinky litter to clean up, no fishy smelling food to serve him, and he is guaranteed to never run away! You can take your little Flat Cat with you everywhere you go.

Pet Cat (Dog or Else)

Another option of the present idea above, is to take a small cat and put it in the jar. Add a description.

A Dust Bunny Nest

This one is a perfect homemade gag gift for those with cleanliness issues. Use your gag gift crafts and build a little nest in a shoebox similar to one that you may want to put a bunny into. Next, go around the house and look for dust bunnies in places that haven't been dusted for some time (like behind furniture, on top of ceiling fans, in the attic). Collect them and put in the box. Be sure to take great care in keeping the dust bunnies intact.

Fart Free Underwear

You need an air filter and a pair of underwear. If you have an air filtration system in the house, chances are that a nifty little extra charcoal filter in tucked away somewhere. Cut to size and glue it inside some underwear and add a label that says New Fart Filtration System.

Gag Trophies

Look for old trophies at pawn shops or garage sales for your homemade gag gift ideas. Change the engraving by gluing over it with a piece of foil or magnetic backed plastic. Print the gag on the foil or magnet before attaching. The possibilities are endless - "First Prize for the Most Consecutive Hours of Watching Football" or "Second Prize for Procrastination", etc.

The Pet Rock

We find this one to be the sweetest of homemade gag gift ideas! Put a rock in a box with a bit of straw or shredded paper. Choose a rock about the size of a baseball. Add a note about its care. Like instructions for feeding, watering and exercise. If you want to get more elaborate, include a collar and leash or paint the rock with dots or stripes to resemble an animal. 

The Weather Forecaster Rock

This one is nice for a person, who's always so proud about his yard. You just need an ordinary rock. Paint on it the following:

If the rock is wet, it's raining.
If the rock is hot and dry, it's nice out.
If the rock is white, it's snowing.
If the rock is tipped over, it's windy.

If you use a smaller rock, then attach the above using a tag.

The Booger Keeper

These homemade gag gift ideas are great for Children... especially the ones, who have trouble keeping their fingers out of their nose. You need a wooden (or whatever box). Lay tin foil on the bottom. Then dab a few areas on a table with rubber cement. Roll each dab around a bit till it looks like a booger. Place them in the box on top of the tin foil. And there you have a booger keeper. Include a poem:

My Mother always told me
Everything had a place...
So I've made this Booger Keeper
To keep them off your face!
Just open up the tiny lid
And place them in, with care...
Nobody need know you have them... or

Penny Pincher

This one is one of the easiest homemade gag gift ideas in our celection. You need a mini spring type clothes pin. Clip a penny in it, and write on the clothespin "Penny Pincher".

Magic Weight Loss Beans

You need some beans, put them in the bag. Add instructions:

1. Remove beans from bag.

 2. Throw them on the floor.
3. Bend down and pick up each bean.
4. Repeat hourly as needed.

Electric Toilet Plunger

Take an ordinary toilet plunger. Drill a hole in the top and glue an electric cord with a plug into the hole.

Worth considering as gag gifts for 60th birthday. For people already "old and lazy" enough.

Cow Patties

These homemade gag gift ideas take some cooking. Melt some chocolate. Add some coconut or something of texture. Pour into a little plate and when almost firm, stir the top around to make it look like the real ones. You can also add some melted paraffin in it to make it get firmer and not melt so fast in your hands. It would be funny and edible.

No-Cooker's Cookbook

If you know anyone who doesn't really cook... but nevertheless, hasn't given up trying... Then a No-Cooker's Cookbook would make a great surprise present for him or her.

Copy two cookbook covers or front pages in the scanner. Print them on glossy paper, or plain paper with clear adhesive paper over it. Then fill with normal paper. But on the first page, list all the phone numbers of the fast food restaurants, and you can also add an emergency call center number (991) to the list. In case of fire hazard during cooking. Add a poem.

I made you this recipe book
Though, I know you don't like to cook
Just open it up and take a look
To call your dinner in, or burn it down with pride.

Diy Gifts Studio finds these homemade gag gift ideas such a blast. Most of them have been tested with ultra fun results.
Good luck!

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