Homemade Christmas Ornaments Recipes

Multifunctional Salt Dough Ornaments

Superb homemade Christmas ornaments recipes - genially easy salt dough ornaments you need to try.

...If you haven't yet.

These are the funnest Diy Christmas ornaments to make right away as you'll aready have all you need in the house! Nothing less than pure fun for kids! (...and only a little mess for you;)

If you have made them once, chances are you'll be making them again.

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"I think I've found a new addiction!" - Montoia

How to Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments Only from Salt and Flour

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Recipe 1:2:1

1 cup (or glass) of fine salt

2 cups (or glasses) of plain flour
(do not use self raising flour!)

1 cup (or glass) of water, add gradually.


Recipe 1:1:1

1 cup (or glass) of fine salt

1 cup (or glasses) of plain flour
(do not use self raising flour!)

1 cup (or glass) of water, add gradually.

Note: I've tried both recipes, no difference really. Seems that the 1:1:1 ornaments come out more sparkly because of the salt... So, if you'll not be painting the ornaments, go with 1:1:1 recipe.

So, make the dough as following:

First mix salt and flour in a bowl. Then stir in water little at a time. Next knead with your hands until you get smooth clay like dough. No residue should be left on your fingers when you touch it. Knead it on a floured surface for a few minutes to get it perfectly workable.

NB! Salt dough can be irritating on your hands. Use gloves, if needed.

Next roll your dough about 1/4 - 0,4 inch ( 0,6 - 1 cm) thick and cut out your desired shapes with cookie cutters or by hand. Poke a hole with a straw.So, you can thread a ribbon through later.

Place your shapes onto an a cookie sheet and put into the preheated oven. "Bake" (actually, dry them) at 50, not more than 100 degrees C (122F, not more than 212 F) for 1-3 hours until hard. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.

NB! The oven should not be on too high. This will cause the salt dough to bubble up as like being cooked. But what we are aiming for is to dry them out slowly, over a period of time.

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How Can You Avoid Salt Dough Ornaments from Bubbling up

So, to avoid air bubbles in your decorations - take it easy!

1. Do not use self raising flour!

2. "Bake" them on very low heat! Let them dry out slowly!

Once cooled, thread a ribbon, and enjoy! Or take it even further: paint with water-based paints. I used acrylic paints.

You can also glue on glitter with white craft glue.

If you'd like your masterpieces be safe agaist moisture and last for years to come, then I really suggest you to cover them with a protective coat of varnish.

So, that's the cream of homemade Christmas ornaments recipes - salt dough ornaments you don't want to miss. Pure fab and fun little Christmas ornaments to make with and for your family.

What More Can You Do...

* How about adding spice to these homemade Christmas ornaments recipes? Try cinnamon! ...perfect Holiday sent.

* Consider making a little window into your salt dough cookies. That's so gorgeous how they relfect light when hanging on a tree or window.

Simply crush some colorful hard candy, and cut out the centers of the cookies. Then fill these holes with the crushed candy. The candy melts as the cookies bake, turning into a thin "stained glass window".

* Do some decoupage. Glue on some cutouts from thin napkins. Like my heart ornament in the photo above (next to the moose) has an ornament image I cut out of a Christmas napkin and then glued it on with white craft glue.

* And don't forget to Pin this page for future reference!

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