Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Here I'd like to inspire you with a fine selection of homemade Christmas gift ideas. You can learn, watch and make your own.

The Christmas Holiday Season is about decorations, love, gifts... If you are anything like me, you'll love the ideas and instructions for some fabulous Christmas ornaments to make on this site.

"There really aren't many things much more precious than personal and custom made handmade Christmas ornaments."

Christmas also is a fun time to play a light joke on that special someone. Or sometimes you just need a fast gift to grab. Then a Christmas gag gift from my selection and printable labels enable you to add a witty thought to a simple gift.

You know, when you need one:)

Important: don't over do it or under do it. Gag is fun, if it's done seriously. You need to put your heart and effort into it, even if it's a tiny, funny surprise.

"So, gather your supplies well, wrap well and present well!"

I know you are as busy as ever before the holidays. Therefore, I've done my best to describe the projects, materials, and tools as detailed as I could. So, YOU can prepare the gifts without a loss of your valuable time and effort.

Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Simple Christmas Ornaments made from ordinary pasta

I do love these simple homemade Christmas ornaments that can easily be made of ordinary pasta. All you need is some macaroni, hot glue, and paint. I've made some years ago, and I still love to hang them on the tree. They still look as fabulous as ever.

So, I've had the courage and pleasure to make and give some to my friends and family. They all have been pleasantly surprised by the simple material, and highly impressed by the magnificent form!

Let me show you how you can make yours. My simple homemade Christmas ornaments make great delicate homemade Christmas gifts.

Diy Christmas Ornaments To Make - Pinecone Ornament

Diy Christmas Ornaments To Make - Pinecone Ornament

There is just something about natural materials for Christmas ornaments to make. Don't you just love natural above man-made? Imagine the outcome when you combine them. Love it!

So, here's Miss Pina, a pinecone ornament. She's all eco, plus super cute:)

I basically made her from a pinecone, and wool scraps. You'll also need a couple of other things and the instructions. So, get the details and make some Miss Pinas.

Do you know, what is the best part about these Homemade Christmas gift ideas? Personalization!

Make your pinecone ornaments look like the giftees!

For example, make one with braids to your little niece that looks exactly like her! Make one with glasses to your Dad! ...do you see the fun?! Elfs with red beanies, Pippi Longstocking with orange braids.

When you try SuperConeMan, let me know! Leave a comment below! Christmas ornaments to make from pinecones.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Recipes

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Recipes - Salt Dough Ornaments Recipe

Who could have believed that with salt and flour and Homemade Christmas Ornaments Recipes one could make these fabulous Christmas tree decorations.These are also great gift toppers. And mostly fun homemade Christmas gift ideas for the kiddos to make.

Superb holiday project to make with kids!

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are not really gifts by themselves. But they are way too adorable decorations to miss. Hang them up, soap-glue onto the window glass, incorporate to your gift wrappings.

Paper snowflakes look like little doilies. They make brilliant gift toppers: a paper snowflake on brown wrapping paper, tied with natural string. Beautiful! So, make some!

There's a trick to cutting them, though! Learn the technique, and never fail to make them pretty every time! How to Make Paper Snowflakes.

Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts

Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts - Free Printables, and Ideas

Christmas Cookies "Gone!"

I baked a bunch of cookies

and tried just one or two,

but started feeling guilt,

because they were for you.

I panicked just a second

and ordered on the phone,

this brand new cookie cutter,

So, you could bake your own!

That's one of the fun gag gifts. Got an extra cookie cutter? Download this poem on a tag and attach with a ribbon. All done:)

But that's not all! There are more funny homemade Christmas gift ideas on my Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts page. Gag gift ideas and labels to download for free.

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