Our Best Picks of Homemade
Christmas Gag Gifts For You

Following homemade Christmas gag gifts were chosen for their easy preparation and high fun factor. You'll get funny homemade gag gift ideas. Someone even used these ideas for preparing some of his birthday gag gifts.

So, ho-ho-ho for the overall easy approach to homemade Christmas gag gifts! Look below for ideas for gag gifts Christmas themed after your liking!

Happy Holidays!

Do you know anyone still looking for her perfect man? Might we suggest pulling her leg with a Perfect Gingerbread Man? We've designed following labels that make completing your gag gift projects a breeze. Just download and print for free. Attach the labels on a jar or a cellophane bag.

Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts

The Perfect Man

He's bright and he's sweet,
He doesn't offer bitter treat.
In case he gives you any trouble,
please, go, and chew his feet.

Add our poem to a delicious gingerbread man. Wrap the guy up in cellophane, on a paper plate, if wished.

Download the green adornment Gingerbread Man label.
Download the yellow adornment Gingerbread Man label.

Interested in tiny, but handy homemade christmas gag gifts? Incase someone gets a little short of DOUGH during holidays...

Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts2

A Little Dough

We thought this would come in handy,
since everyone is a little short of dough during holidays.

Add it the note to a cellophane gift wrapped dough. Download A Little Dough labels.

Of course, the classics - Poops, are in the list. We've chosen a Snowman Poop. If you like to give brown or green candies, then give some Elf, Reindeer, or Christmas mouse poops around. You are sure to find suitable poems over the Internet.

So, the Snowman Poop, it's a very easy present to make... Get some marshmallows, or white mints fill a bag or a jar and attach the following poem.

Snowman Poop

You've been naughty,
So here's the scoop.
All you get for Christmas
Is Snowman poop!

This one is something friendly... for a good friend or neighbors next door.

Do you have some extra cookies? ...maybe an extra dustpan? Put cookies on the dustpan and pack them in. Add a tag with the poem.

homemade gag gifts for christmas

Dustpan Cookies

I was making some cookies
When they fell on the floor.
I shoveled them right up
and rushed them to your door!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Download the green adornment Dustpan Cookies tags.
Download the yellow adornment Dustpan Cookies tags.

Why don't you ad a present thats really personally made by you and actually is handy. You fancy a little crochet? Whip up a washcloth and add a towel.

ideas for gag gifts christmas

We considered giving you a fancy car
or even a luxurious cruise...
But we decided to be practical and
give you something you really could use.
So, tear off the wrap
and prepare for a prizeto find not only one surprise,
but in total of two. Whoo-hoo!
There's a WASHER and DRYER for you.

Download the Washer and Dryer tags.

The next of our picks for homemade christmas gag gifts is fabulous... do you have any paper plates? Cookie cutters? Make them to be your cheap gag gifts! Christmas Cookies "Gone!" ...Give an empty Christmas paper plate and a Christmas cookie cutter. Include the poem below.

Christmas Cookies "Gone!"

I baked a bunch of cookies and tried just one or two,
but started feeling guilty because they were for you.
I panicked just a second and ordered on the phone,
this brand new cookie cutter, so you could bake your own.

Download the Cookies "Gone!" tags.

Jars Full of Air are definitely amongst our favorites! ...We love 'jar stuff'. Did you know that The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit has a jar that supposedly contains Edison's last breath. Well, the reality of that might not be of importance to us!But, for me and you, the concept is GENIAL for homemade Christmas gag gift ideas! It is easy to come up with similar jokes, where your homemade gift is a jar filled with air. And the funny part is labeling it just right...

The ideas could be...

√ air from ...

√ a song from...

√ conversation of the elves

√ reindeer’s breath

Depending of the giftee, let your imagination go wild! ...Really, the sky is the limit for this one!

A Melted Snowman You need a jar. Put water in it. Add a carrot, a button and two small pieces of coal. Attach a label on the jar that reads:

Melted Snowman

May be refrozen and molded into original snowman head. Warning: Do not drink!

ideas for gag gifts christmas

Download the Melted Snowman tags.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Place a small plastic toy chicken in the jar. Add some egg noodles. Label "Chicken Noodle Soup".

Pork, Beef Pea Soup

Similar to the one above. You need a small plastic toy pig, place it in the jar. Add some peas. Label "Pork Pea Soup".

The above ideas work with any soup you want to come up with.

So, get to it! Mix match and prepare not just one, but a whole lot!

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