Homemade Birthday Gifts

How much do you love homemade birthday gifts?

Maybe your answer is something like:

"Hmm... as much as they're FUN, kinda NICE and SPECIAL. If they would also be USEFUL, that would be great!"

Well, don't think that anyone in your gift list would settle for anything less. So, get your nice, special and useful homemade birthday gift ideas right here.

You can also print birthday cards for free. So, if you're here for the cards, go straight to Free Birthday Cards Print, and then write your special wish and go! Have lots of birthday fun!

Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

Homemade Birthday Gifts1

You hope that your friend's birthday is not crappie, right? As the matter of fact, you want him/her to have as much fun as possible, right?

Well, here's an hilarious Birthday Toilet Paper Card you could make and give. There are several special poem labels for your toilet paper card to choose from. Learn how you can easily make one, and choose your poem at Creative Birthday Gift Ideas page.

Free Birthday Cards Print, Sign and Shine!

Homemade Birthday Gifts2

Don't forget your Birthday Card for writing your special wishes on! Free Birthday Cards Print, sign and shine has several designs of graphic and photo cards to choose from.

Print free birthday cards.

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

Have a Birthday Treasure Hunt

Homemade Birthday Gifts3

What a fabulous idea! A Real Treasure Hunt!

That's a great way to present your presents, don't you think? All you need to do is hide one or more gifts and clues that would take your birthday child to the gift(s).

I've super-duper sweet-cute note cards for you to write your clues on. You'll find them over at Valentine Cards To Print page.

Get creative when writing your clues. Watch out that you'll not get to carried away with the riddles. You want the birthday child to find the gift(s) in the end.

Put An Add In A Local Newspaper

A newspaper ADD is a great idea. It will take you a bit father than home made. Get a huge add, an entire page! Announce the birthday!

It should get your birthday child all jazzed up (for you, hopefully:)

Giant Birthday Surprise Box

Get a large box (like a wardrobe box that you could ask from a local moving company). Wrap the box in wrapping paper and attach a huge bow. Place the box on your birthday child's front porch. Hop inside. Have a friend to help you with closing the lid, and finishing the wrapping. Then your friend rings the doorbell and runs.


Birthday Gift Ideas and Boyfriend

Birthday Portrait

Homemade Birthday Gifts4

This could be one of the sentimental birthday gifts. No, you do not need to be an artist, far from it! Be yourself and make an effort! It'll be great. Take a look of an great example portrait painted off a photo over at Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend.

"If You Only Knew" Jar for Birthday

Get a grand jar. A glass marker or two (or some glass paint and a brush). Write "If You Only Knew" on the jar.

Next write notes (as many as you possibly can, up to 365 for example. One for every day in a year.)

Need the sweetest ever note cards? Take a look at those cute animal note cards at Valentine Cards To Print page.

Write the notes. Write nice things, wishes, quotes you'd like the birthday child to know. For the Grand Finale: fill the jar with sweets.

You can make jar gifts to be like romantic birthday gifts for him.

Celebrate the Birthday of a Cartoon Character

Homemade Birthday Gifts5

Can't wait till the actual Birthday?

Well, have a pre-bash! Celebrate the birthday of the birthday child's favorite cartoon character.

So make or buy a birthday cake. Get the T-shirt picturing the comics character, and the book of collected comic strips.

Here are some potential pre-birthdays to have:

* Bugs Bunny's birthday: July 27th

* Garfield's birthday: June 19th

* Mickey Mouse's birthday: November 18th

* Snoopy's birthday: October 2nd

Nuts About You Key Chain

Homemade Birthday Gifts

What a great thing to do - to tell someone special that "You're Nuts About Him/Her". And do it in a way that makes them remember it. That they'll be carrying it around with them.

Put together a Nuts About You Key Chain for the Birthday Child. Oh, and then your sweet thoughts of the person will stick close to him/her. Get the details how to make one of these homemade birthday gifts at Cute Boyfriend Gift Ideas.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

How to Make a Scarf

Homemade Gift Ideas6

Well, I'm not talking about ANY scarf here for your birthday lady, but about the most fascinating one!

Pure ECO, Green, Haute Couture Style. The scarf is sure to be much appreciated by a birthday lady with a real flair for what is pretty!

Have you got an old bed sheet? That's basically all you gonna need for this How to Make a Scarf project.

That's not all!

How about making a scarf holder? Check for the photos and info over at Perfect Gift Mother Day.

"You're My Cup Of Tea" Pincushion

Homemade Gift Ideas7

Simple, understated elegance - Felt Pincushions made from felted sweaters.

So, do you have any old sweaters laying around?:) Cute project to make for homemade birthday gifts. I've made a free printable template to make your life as easy as possible. Go get the details and the free pattern at Free Pin Cushion Patterns.

How To Make A Bow

Homemade Gift Ideas8

Your BOW WOW will say it all! Don't you even think of wrapping your special homemade birthday gifts in ugly wrapping topped with lousy bows!

Or "NO BOW?" ...even worse!

No way! I've several, several bow making techniques to share with you!

Have you heard of French Bows, Layered Bows, Classical Bows, Boutique Bows, and etc. There are so many bows to take your simple wrapping to the next level.

Get your favorites at How To Make a Bow.

I hope you've enjoyed my homemade birthday gifts selection I've put together for you.

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