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How about homemade baby gifts as BEST baby gifts? Would you like to be giving a really meaningful and special baby shower gift every time from now on?

I hope you weren't considering getting the new baby yet another cream, cup, or toy as everyone else?

Think about it for a second...

Do you really think a new Mom actually needs all that stuff?

...Not really, right? 98 percent of the people get the new Mom and baby exactly that. Just because they think it's easier...

And nevertheless, the statistics show that they still spend a looooong time deciding upon the right stuff.

So, all this stress, investment of your precious time, and you still end up welcoming the new baby just like every one else. With some more stuff the parents don't know where to put...

That's awful, I'd say. And not the least smarter in any way.

How about homemade baby gifts?

Considering the fact that you are here reading this, I recon you are on your hunt for the special baby shower gift, the best homemade baby gifts. That alone shows, you'd like to be more successful than the 98 percenters.

So, how come the 2 percent come up with the best baby gifts?

Because they literally (almost!;) put their heart in it! And they give handmade baby gifts. They actually put together a ever so special baby shower gift that will really be a blessing to the baby and the family. They know how to prepare exclusive, and so unusual baby gifts, or more meaningful than ever, yet cheap baby gifts. They are in control and not throwing away their hard earned cash.

Did you know that there are great baby shower favors to make? How about coming up with the next gossip worthy baby shower gag gifts?

New Baby Gift Ideas - Diaper Cake

homemade baby gifts - www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com - diaper cake

I'd have a piece of that myself! Delicious! ...Okay, these homemade baby gifts are not edible, but prepared right, this kind of a baby shower gift for girl or boy will be nothing less than scrumptious and all useful.

I share with you my  Nappy Cake Instructions. When you'll follow those, I can almost guarantee you'll be preparing professional, beautiful, and always dashing homemade baby gifts of diapers and stuff.

There are several pages of how to material and idea inspirations. But that's not all.

Relax, I'm not trying to sell you anything! It's all free. But it's still not all.

I'm also sharing with you my unique Diaper Cake Poems. You are very welcome to get something for your card! And yes, it's all absolutely free.

How to Make a Tutu

Here Is Our Super Popular Page For You!

homemade baby gifts - www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com - tutu

So many are loving this page!

Have you seen the Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky? If gracious, tulle and ballet are words that make you think of a little girl dreaming to be a ballerina, then

...make sure the baby girl on your gift list (and the parents;) will get the first glimpse of a princess twirling around in an always classy and elegant petit skirt.

And this version is all no sew! In case you're afraid of your sewing machine. So, you can whip up professional photo prop homemade baby gifts anywhere, just check first how it's done.

Why are people loving it? Check it for yourself...

Here's my take on No Sew Tutu.

Free Hair Bow Instructions

homemade baby gifts - www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com - hair bow1

If you have some ribbons around, you can do these homemade baby gifts. Of course with some instructions and effort, plus good material choice, you can achieve divine hair bows.

And there are sooo many possibilities to make these so precious and unique new baby gifts. As you can imagine, that's not all. Hair bows, ribbon- and fabric flowers, hair bands and all that kind of "stuff" put together make whimsical homemade baby gifts.

Check my Stacked Bow Instructions, if you like to mix-max ribbons for stacked hair bows.

I've also put up a gallery of ribbon bow making tutorials. You might want to check out the making of a layered bow. That's what I consider the cream of ribbon bow tying. Get the details over at How To Make Layered Bows. I've used that technique for baby bows so many times.

homemade baby gifts - www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com - hair bow2

Then there's the Twisted Boutique Bow. The absolute classics and almost everyone's favorite of homemade baby gifts. You know, The One, you've always wondered how to make and wanted to by a kit for!

Well, I'm telling you, you don't need to pay a double, usually triple price for any templet or for a ready made boutique bow! Because I'll share my twisted boutique bow making secret with you! Absolutely FREE! Go ahead and get into CHIC!

Here's my success advice on making these Hair Accessories for Girls revealed.

How To Make A Mobile

homemade baby gifts - www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com - baby mobile

If you haven't made Baby Crib Mobiles yet, then you have missed making the Oldest Classic homemade baby gifts.

Make on with birds and branches - sweet and heavenly. As the matter of fact, even romantic.

By the way: two birds sitting on a heart shaped tulle and natural branch roost makes an ever romantic Valentine's Day and Wedding gift as well!

More Homemade Baby Gifts To Consider

If you are anything like me you've loads of superb fabric scraps and ribbon scraps to produce wonderful and useful small handmade baby gifts like: Teethers! Add some crunchy material, or some wood circles if you happen to have those, too. And whip up a crunchy, or stuffed, and the most funky or fab teether for the baby to barf all over! As I don't have a decent teether around, here's one for you by Abbi.

Teether making example.

homemade baby gifts - www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com - beanie

Spend an evening or two crocheting or knitting baby headbands, beanies, booties, even dresses, skirts... how ever far your abilities stretch.

homemade baby gifts - www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com - headband

How about some elastic lace or elastic trim and some beautiful fabric? All topped with a stunning button?

I love making fabric flowers and lacy baby headbands.

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