Free Hair Bow Instructions -
Super Whimsical "Free-hand" Stacked Hair Bow

Free hair bow instructions, where everything is oh so pretty and looks oh so girly... Making hair bows for girls is such a fun and whimsical thing, I'm sure you'd like to get your share.

Take a peak! Free instructions for making hair bows, Free-hand Stacked Hair Bow below. Get the cream, all here. Photo instructions and an illustrative video below.

Free Hair Bow Instructions

In the photo above this adorable baby girl is wearing a Layered Style Bow. Learn all about making one over at How To Make A Bow With Many Layers. Then, in the right you can see a stacked free-hand hair bow. Read all about making one below.

There is a plethora of gorgeous designs to choose from. You already know that different ribbons make all the difference, and the way they'll be tied will dot the i.

What You'll Need for Making Hair Bows for Girls

* Different ribbons (materials, widths, patterns, colors). Try mix-matching, that makes all the difference!

NEW! Try using fabric strips! Mix with ribbon!

* Needle, thread, scissors, glue gun.

* Something to seal the ribbon ends to stop it from fraying. Hot seal; use Fray Check; a regular lighter.

* A clip, hairband to attach your freshly made beautiful bow onto.

Free Hair Bow Instructions2

1. Make a loop like so. Leave enough ribbon for the tail. You'll trim it in the end.

2. Make the second one to the other side and bring the ribbon over the top under the first loop.

3. Then that's where you start the third loop. Create it under the first one. The forth loop above the second one and bring the tail over.

4. All done. Secure with couple of hand-stitches. Then create as many bows as you please. Reduce the size of the bows as you proceed. Thus, they'll be pretty when stacked upon each other.

Free Hair Bow Instructions3

5. Stack your bows, secure with hand-stitching.

6. Tie the remaining thread around the bow from the middle. Adjust the loops as you go.

7. For the middle covering, take a piece of ribbon of your choice. Make a knot (or don't) into it and glue onto the front. Bring the tails over to the back. Cut, hot seal the ribbon ends and fix with glue.

8. Attach an alligator clip. By the way, if you are using an other type of a clip, then secure the bow onto it by using the central ribbon. (Like Christy does in the video below.)

We're suckers for some free-hand creativity and Christy is no exception. She just loves to make colorful and fun hair bows. She makes them in no-template, no measure just free-hand way. Don't you just adore this kind of creativity? You'll love these gorgeous and whimsical homemade gifts for any little girl.

Look her free hair bow instructions video and have a blast with ribbons.

On the photo below you can see a layered bow, you find the instructions over at How To Make A Bow With Many Layers. And of course, the classic - Boutique Bow - Making Hair Bows for Girls.

Free Hair Bow Instructions4

I hope you've enjoyed my free hair bow instructions. Plus, I do hope you'll discover your favorite bow to make!:)

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Free Hair Bow Instructions

Free Hair Bow Instructions

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