Diaper Cake Instructions With Details

At last, all the best diaper cake instructions all in one place. Do you want to know how to make diaper cake?

Here you have it - the best of diaper cake directions. The voice of experience and professional TIPS in my Diaper Cake How To below.

"WOW, I have been looking for a site like this. I am about to be a Grandma for the first time and I am making the Shower Cake and the Diaper Cake (I have seen one, once) and it has to be good.
Thanks to this website I know have the knowledge to make one the way I want it for Him. Thanks again!"

-- Brenda, United States

Someone special is welcoming a new baby into the family and you'd like to make a unique gift.

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Why Should You Consider Making A Diaper Cake

Flowers are beautiful, if they only lasted longer. Gift baskets are maybe way too common and ordinary. Yet, you'd like something stylish and practical.

The question is:

"What Do The New Parents Need The Most?"

Sleep! But if you can't give that, then - DIAPERS are the second best thing!

Why choose homemade baby gifts?

Sure, you could just go to the store and buy all that you need. But then how would you get the most unique baby gifts ever and save a few bucks while you're at it?

I suggest making diaper cakes. They make so cute, useful, and creative gifts. Most of all, they are so much fun to make! Browse below, and you'll see.

But before you start, make sure you know the family's preference for diaper - cloth diapers or disposable ones?

How To Make Diaper Cake, Part 1

Not sure how to make diaper cake? I've compiled a diaper cake how to for you based on my experience and tips from professionals. Start here - How To Make Diaper Cake, part 1.

How to Make Diaper Cakes, Part 2

Here I share in more detail how I made this blue cake. How you can make the whole process easier. Plus, how to get a more personal look.  How To Make Diaper Cakes, part 2.

Finally, Diaper Cake Poem

Get nothing less than a captivating poem. Diaper Cake Poem

Have You Made A Diaper Cake?

Show & Share!!!

Go ahead to upload your diaper cake photos, and share your diaper cake instructions. Get the credit where credit is due!:)

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Diaper Cake making instructions, photos, unique Diaper Cake Poems.

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I find using 6 inches wide tulle spool great and comfortable. You can also cut your strips from tulle fabric, then make them about 6 inches wide as well.

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Satin ribbon is the best. And have you tried Etsy.com for the elastic?

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I don't stretch the elastic particularly, only a bit. As I want the elastic waistband to be nicely covered with knots later when the tutu is worn.

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The tutu turned out about 3-4 inches too big at the waist. What have I done wrong?

Occasionally the tutu can come out too big at the waist because the elastic is very stretchy, and it stretches out too much during the tulle strip knot adding process. The best way to fix it is to remove some tulle strip knots until the tutu is the right size.

I made the back fluffier than the front. If I took it all off the elastic and switched it to a ribbon would I still be able to make it fluffier in the back?

Certainly. The ribbon waistband offers more control over the fitting waist size and keeping your fluff in the right place. You can never stretch out a ribbon waist band with adding too many knots.

And if you ever should want to adjust the waist of a ribbon-waist tutu, then just add (or remove) some tulle knots on the ribbon. Just make sure you leave long enough ribbon tales from the beginning.

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