Crochet Plastic Grocery Bag Pattern?
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Here's a simple and 'short' crochet plastic grocery bag pattern. It works great when you crochet with plastic bags. So, you can enjoy an eco friendly crochet grocery bag! Make one plastic bag tote for yourself and MANY for gifts!

Crochet Plastic Grocery Bag Pattern1

Thanx to CassieMarie for sharing this wonderful crocheted grocery bag pattern.

She made her eco-friendly grocery bag with cotton yarn, but to be even greener - recycle plastic bags.

I've heard that this particular crocheted tote might come out a bit small. So, I'd suggest you to crochet loosely or add more rows!

"I LOVE this pattern./.../ I hadn't crocheted in 25 years and I started this pattern one night about midnight and crocheted until nearly 4 AM and had to make myself stop. I've now made 4 bags! /.../ The girls at the produce store where I shop love them :) I'm going to make one for my niece for Christmas./.../"- Sheila

Read here how to make plastic bag yarn to crochet with plastic bags.

Crocheting with plastic bags is a good pass time activity. If you know crocheting very well, then recycling plastic bags in that way could be a nice new thing to try.

If you're a novice crocheter, then plastic bag yarn and patterns are so very forgiving and it's hard to have your mistakes shown.

Then again, if crocheting a plastic bag tote seems a bit too difficult, then a carpet is a wonderful project to star with. Oh my, what a result! Check this Crocheting with Plastic Bags - making a 100% waterproof massaging carpet out of plastic bags.

Crochet Plastic Grocery Bag Pattern2

If you'll ever be trying this (or some other) crochet plastic grocery bag pattern, I'd love to hear how it goes. You're welcome to pop by and share!

By the way, could I interest you with another type of plastic bag project? Have you heard about plastic bag fusion? Plastic Bags for Cards - great fresh project.

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