Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend Fab Anniversary Ideas

It's the anniversary gifts for boyfriend time! Don't you just love anniversaries? …emm, yes? If you weren't so stuck with best anniversary ideas.

Nope, you don't need a big budget to pull off the best ever anniversary celebration. If you do have a million bucks to spend, then I have only one suggestion for you GO BIG! In every celebration way possible.

Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend

We thank Wendy Piersall for sharing a picture of her anniversary cookies with us!

On the other hand, homemade anniversary gift ideas don't mean knitted scarves and handmade cards. There are a thousand of creative anniversary gift ideas that you can make. Create them to be totally yours, only yours, special and intimately sweet.

Don't you believe me? Check these totally homemade anniversary gifts, and tell me what you think. Or go with the other suggestions below.

Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Ritual

Why don't you start with creating your own personal anniversary ritual that you reenact every year together in an intimate ceremony.

* You can choose your special background music.

* Cozy candles.

* You can read romantic poems you've written to each other.

* you can write a poem every year.

* you can read aloud to one another your love letters (What? You haven't written one, yet? You'd better get to it right away, then!)

Giant Surprise Box

Get a large box (like a wardrobe box that you could ask from a local moving company). Wrap the box in wrapping paper and attach a huge bow. Place the box on your sweetheart's front porch. Hop inside. Have a friend to help you with closing the lid, and finishing the wrapping. Then your friend rings the doorbell and runs.


If you like this anniversary gifts for boyfriend idea, there are more fun anniversary gag gifts ideas following.

Custom Certificate

Make a custom certificate for your sweetie. You can get blank certificate forms at a stationary shop or over the Internet. Then write your special words:

* Certificate "For Putting Up With Me For …Years" (you can add the number of years or months:)

* Certificate "For The World's Best Boyfriend"

* An award "For…

* An acknowledgment "For…

Sing A Song

Compose an original song for your lover. Okay-okay… you could also sing a well know love song. Don't sing? Even better… the more special the effort. But if you really can't sing, then don't. Play an instrumental version of the song.

You're not musical?
Practice! Challenge yourself!

Commemorative Scroll

Make a commemorative scroll for your anniversary or any other special occasion, like birthday. Research the most important events and happenings of that special date (or the year). Think about:

* news
* quotes
* famous people
* world news and events
* science discoveries
* commercials, adds
* TV shows
* music
* movies
* books
* theater, musicals, Broadway
* sports
* politics
* art
* religion
* daily
* and else

Write the roll in handwriting, use a computer or have it written in calligraphy. Roll it up, tie with a bow. Voila.

Think about a special presentation… read it aloud.

Anniversary Gag Gifts

Know Your Anniversaries

anniversary gifts for boyfriend2

…all of them!

The day you first met

Your first big kiss

Your first date

Your first huge fight

The first time you said the words "I Love You"

So, you'll not miss any possibilities for making anniversary gifts for boyfriend. That's special! And you don't want to miss any of it.

Photo courtesy goes to Courtney Carmody

The Reasons I Love You Scroll

Anniversary gifts for boyfriend ...REASONS!

Write 365 reasons why you love your boyfriend. One for each day of the year. If it's your first anniversary, write one for each day you've been together.

Number the reasons and print them out. Glue (or tape) the pages together and make a scroll out of it. Tie with a ribbon.

Over the years to come this roll remains as a reminder for the two of you of the reasons why you are together.

Reading the Love Scroll can become your anniversary tradition.

"If You Only Knew" Jar

Get a grand jar. A glass marker or two (or some glass paint and a brush). Write "If You Only Knew" on the jar.

Next write notes (as many as you possibly can, up to 365 for example. One for every day in a year.)

Write the reasons you love him, add romantic quotes, his favorite sayings. For the Grand Finale: fill the jar with chocolate kisses.

By the way: "we still have a jar like that around the house. That I made to my Hun when we were dating. Now after years of marriage the jar comes in handy for keeping our treasures (mostly receipts;) in. Oh, and the notes are unbelievably fun to read."

Do You Paint? ...Of Course You Do!

...make him a painting of his favorite place on Earth. Or of his favorite activity, a dream, a fantasy. Art's part of the creative anniversary gifts for boyfriend.

We thank Zawezome for sharing her boyfriend picture she made of him with us!

Don't paint? Not possible! Everyone paints, just the styles are different!

Express yourself. Remember to paint all your good feelings, sweetest memories into your painting. No "can't do" attitude is allowed, that would ruin your style.

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